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  • A+ – television with a soul began broadcasting in October 2007 as one of the channels of the new-generation 'n' television service (ITI Neovision Sp. z o.o.). Since December 2009 it has been functioning independently within the ITI Group as Telewizja Religia Sp. z o. o. broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the moment it reaches 8.3 million customers through the digital platform nc + (Channel 81), card TV (the HD set-top boxes), all the major Polish cable networks and over 130 smaller local networks.
Since the 15th December 2010r. the channel can be found on DISH Network. is available on this platform in these packages: POLISH SUPER PACK and TVN COMPLETE.
In May 2011 we have joined Cyfrowy Polsat, the largest satellite platform in Poland, with over 3.4 million subscribers. 

In July 2012 we have expanded our coverage to the Netherlands. Channel is now available in YOUR.TV’s offer, packaged with six other Polish channels including TVN 24 and TVN International. The monthly subscription of the package is 15 Euro. was created for viewers who want to have permanent access to television presenting issues of faith and religion. In our programs religion is presented as a universal phenomenon in the social and cultural life.

The director of the channel - Father Kazimierz Sowa - is a journalist working with leading journals and opinion-forming weeklies, and the creator and host of such programs as Bez kadzidła, Słownik języka boskiego, and Własność to wartość. In 2009 he received the Bishop Jan Chrapek Ślad award for “creating a modern medium dedicated to religions, culture and spiritual values.” 

In 2010 he received Władysław Grabski Grand Prix for "Własność to wartość" program. The competition was organised by the Polish National Bank. The program was recognized for its educational values on economics - presenting issues of ownership, the free market, business ethics, and most importantly socio – economic phenomena in view of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church as well as the biggest religions of the world.





The channel’s Program Director was (2007 - 2012) Szymon Hołownia, a journalist known for his unconventional approach to religion and faith-related issues. He has received the Grand Press award twice and the Ślad award once for “an innovative way of presenting and commenting on religious issues; attractive and at the same time open to new ideas and the sensibilities of the new generation.” Author and host of the programs: "Między Sklepami," "Bóg w Wielkim Mieście" and "Ludzie na Walizkach", which became an inspiration for his book of the same title published in 2008 by Znak publishing. He also co-hosted “Gotowi na śmierć” with Fr. Grzegorz Strzelczyk. Associated with the project Zwykły bohater, he was the host of " Zwykły bohater – historie prawdziwe".



The incredibly varied schedule of shows not only the influence of Christianity upon culture and social life in Poland and around the world, but also plays an educational role providing information about other religions.


The channel is addressed to everybody looking for important content. We broadcast programes in different formats starting from documentaries made in-house, through guide programes and talk-shows, and finishing with films about religious and ethical issues. The channel is also addressed to those who would like to broaden their horizons regarding different world religions.


Our schedule features high-quality foreign productions but we put particular emphasis on our own productions realised by the team at We touch upon socio-religious issues, both from the historical perspective as well as from the perspective of contemporary science: we discuss different phenomena in the area of religion and culture, and we deal with topics connected with everyday human problems.

We present saints and ordinary people following the paths of faith. There is also a special place for popularising knowledge about the heritage of John Paul II.


The Sunday liturgy constitutes an important point in our programe line-up. The channel transmits Mass from a different city every week so that our viewers can experience beautiful Polish churches and pray together with many Polish worshippers.

In viewers will also find something for their bodies – the very much-awaited and appreciated cooking programes.


Our activities have been noticed on the international forum. In 2008 competed against 130 thematic channels from all over Europe in the Hot Bird TV Award competition and was honoured with a nomination for a Hot Bird TV Award in the category of Culture and Education.

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